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You had a lot of fun when you were alive. You stole whatever you wanted, loved many a partner, murdered anyone who ever tried to get in your way. When it came to the untamed West, you bowed your head to no religion, law, or social nicety.  Now Old Scratch has invited you and your friends to wager in a game of his creation. 

Now you are chained to a card table with a few others who were in the running for “worst person alive” in a room lit by walls of fire. Turns out, “Old Scratch” is none other than the Devil himself, and y'all are playing for your very souls. Whoever wins will leave rich beyond their wildest dreams. Whoever loses won’t leave at all. Will you profit from the misery of others? Give the Devil his due? Just remember: It's not about winning. It's about making everyone else lose.

Scratch's Sc0re is a Rummy game in the style of Three Thirteen and Five Crowns. Make groups of cards called Talons out of your hand, while keeping more chips than your opponents. Clear first in a round and you can force the player you think did worst to pay up. Or wait for someone else to end the round and try to nab the ever-growing Score by bringing Old Scratch the card he most wants. Just be careful - every time someone claims The Score, it grows exponentially!

Everything you need to play is included, besides up to five other people and a way to keep score (such as poker chips or tokens). Contains fronts and backs for all 100 cards in the base set (which you'll need to cut out and sleeve in clear sleeves).


If you'd want something nice, but money could be holding you back, Old Scratch wants to invite you to grab the black-and-white, reduced art PnP for absolutely nothing! It's called the "Homebound Edition" and is located as a demo down below.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorNinjaHELL! Productions
GenreCard Game
Tagsdevil, gin, physical-game, rummy


Buy Now$6.66 USD or more

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This won't open, tried 4 browsers, Calibre and Adobe PDF reader (that it tells you to use).

All it states is to "Download Adobe PDF Reader if you wan't the best version" and nothing else.

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That should not be happening. I’ll look into it tonight.

EDIT: And that's the reason I don't use Adobe any more! It made a "portfolio" of PDFs instead of one document. I'm uploading a fix that should be live shortly.

Thank you, I wasn't sure if it was something on my end or not (using an old laptop).

I'm not sure if it is important or not, but it will only open in Adobe PDF and not any other way.

If you'd like to order a Print on Demand option, you can find it through DriveThruCards.